[CentOS] Problem with SeLinux and syslogd

Alessio Cecchi acecchi at telemaco.it
Fri Nov 17 17:21:44 UTC 2006

Il giorno ven, 17/11/2006 alle 16.37 +0100, Alessio Cecchi ha scritto:
> Il giorno ven, 17/11/2006 alle 13.18 -0200, Rodrigo Barbosa ha scritto:
> > Give "fixfiles relabel" a try. It should solve your problem.
> > 
> I have solved with "touch /.autorelabel; reboot"

After this now piranha gui wan't start:

audit(1163782934.372:8): avc:  denied  { name_bind } for  pid=3357
comm="piranha_gui" src=3636 scontext=root:system_r:httpd_t
tcontext=system_u:object_r:port_t tclass=tcp_socket

I think that the problem is the port 3636 that httpd cannot open, if i
set the port to 80 in: /etc/sysconfig/ha/conf/httpd.conf

this error go away.

Another error persist:

Starting piranha-gui: (13)Permission denied: piranha_gui: could not open
error log file /var/log/piranha/piranha-gui.
Unable to open logs

This error can't be solved with:

chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_content_t /var/log/piranha/

There is a way to start piranha with selinux enable?

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