[CentOS] Upgrading subversion

Ronan Lucio listas at tiper.com.br
Fri Nov 17 21:33:36 UTC 2006


I´d like to install subversion system in our server (CentOS-4.4)

up2date has the subversion-1.1.4-2, but subversion is already
on verson 1.4.2

Perhaps I loose good features if I install subversion-1.1.x, but I
prefer to use the version delivered by up2date, of course.

1) What do you suggest?

If I try to install subversion-1.4.2 from source it asks for apr and
apr-util version 0.9.7 or above but up2date has apr and apr-util
version 0.9.4

2) If I upgrade it via RPM could I have some compatibilty breaked?


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