[CentOS] file permissions and groups

Michael Velez mikev777 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 20 00:56:04 UTC 2006


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> > I have a file owned by apache:apache with permissions of 640.
> >
> > I have added myself to the apache group using usermod -G (and I can 
> > verify that using the groups command) but I still can't read the 
> > abovementioned file.
> What are the permissions of the directories from the root of 
> the filesystem up top the directory that the file is in?
> Is there any useful information in your apache logs?
> Barry

All permissions are 755 owned by root:root up to /var/www/html and then
/var/www/html/subdir is owned by apache:apache with mode 755.

Unfortunately, there is nothing useful in the apache logs, either.


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