[CentOS] how do you redo the LABEL tag so the machine boots

John Newbigin jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au
Tue Nov 21 23:33:29 UTC 2006

Sounds more like a driver issue though.  Your initrd may not have the 
sata driver for the new mb so it can't find the disk.

Unless you had another filesystem with the same label you should not 
need to rename it.

If you can boot up on the old mb, you can build a new initrd with the 
correct driver.  The easiest way is probably to edit scsi_hostadapter in 
/etc/modprobe.conf but you can also use the --with= parameter to mkinitrd.


Jerry Geis wrote:

> I got a different motherboard today.
> took my sata drive and put it on the new motherboard.
> On boot it says kernel panel not LABEL=/ not found.
> How do I redo the label and tell it /dev/sda1 is "/"?
> Jerry
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