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David Mackintosh David.Mackintosh at xdroop.com
Wed Nov 22 20:00:11 UTC 2006

On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 11:26:22AM -0800, System Admin wrote:
> We have about 5 servers spread out throughout the country: 2 Centos 4.4,
> 1 Red Hat and 2 windows machines- looking for some good ideas for a
> back-up solution. Our servers hold a lot of data, but only a small
> portion of it is crucial on any given day. That crucial portion is
> always changing (for example, this week the crucial files all relate to
> November- current and previous projects, and the next project in early
> December).
> What we need to have is a backup solution that would allow us to roll
> back to any given day (about four weeks of daily history). Bare-metal
> backups are a must.
> Our ideal solution would be to find someone who could design and
> implement a system for us. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

What is the size of the dataset?  What is the size of the daily
change?  What is the size and throughput restrictions of respective
internet connectivity?  Is there (and how big is the) budget?  Are
the machines under the control of local administrators, or are they
hands-off remote hosted?  Are there any restrictions (say, inability
to hire or use Canadian based services) that might be relevant?

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