[CentOS] Looking for assistance

Mark Schoonover schoon at amgt.com
Wed Nov 22 21:18:22 UTC 2006

Cian Cullinan wrote:
> The only fully bare-metal ready backup solution I know of for CentOS
> is mondorescue.
> IME, it's the bare-metal recovery that is going to be the hardest
> requirement for you to meet (at least for free-as-in-beer software),
> the rest can be done by many different pieces of available software:
> backuppc, bacula, rdiff-snapshot, dervish etc.
> Cian

Mondo is great, but there's another option. Take a look at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/g4l . I've used this on windows system
successfully, and it'll work great on CentOS.


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