[CentOS] Configuring Multiple Gateways

mike.redan at bell.ca mike.redan at bell.ca
Wed Nov 22 21:35:54 UTC 2006

Something like this might help:

(assuming that by "public networks" you mean the internet, or at least
that the same ntwork is reachable from either interface, it would just
take different paths to get there)


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On Wed, November 22, 2006 1:42 pm, Matthew Martz wrote:
> I'm in need of installing two NICs in a machine that are connected to 
> 2 different public networks and I need both IP addresses accessible 
> from the outside.  The IPs are part of two completely different 
> subnets.
> For example:
> eth0
>      IP -
>      GW -
> eth1
>      IP -
>      GW -
> How can I configure 2 gateways on this server?

I should probably also mention that I want traffic that comes in over
eth0 to go out over eth0 and traffic that comes in on eth1 to go out on

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