[CentOS] XFS in Druid

Jordi Espasa Clofent jordi.listas at multivia.com
Fri Nov 24 08:12:09 UTC 2006

Feizhou wrote:
> XFS has degraded over time. Some tend to say that XFS was in its best
> form around 2.4.18 - 2.4.22 and I tend to concur since I know of a box
> using XFS version 1.1 for 2.4.20 that proved to be very stable and
> handled directories with hundreds of thousands of files on a daily
> basis. XFS that comes with newer kernels get my view below.
> If you want to say that it is rock-solid in the sense that it does not
> crash I will disagree with you. I have seen many occasion on which XFS
> shuts itself down and a reboot is required to get the shutdown
> filesystem up and running again. If you want to say that it is
> rock-solid in the sense that it survives power outage or crashes
> intact I will only agree on the count of file system integrity but not
> on data integrity. No contest on XFS' performance. Hard to beat it
> except for large deletes.
> Furthermore, certain kernel developers have been vocal about not
> wanting  to have anything to do with XFS code due to its complexity
> and other reasons. XFS is also not supported with a 4K stack. Nasty
> things happen. Since RHEL (save AMD64 kernels) use 4k stacks, it is
> not surprising that Redhat has withdrawn official support for XFS on
> RHEL4.
> If you are going to create an installer that supports XFS, please make
> sure that the kernels involved all use 8k stacks. How you are going to
> do that after installation, I do not know. I wonder whether the centos
> plus kernels for Centos 4 use 8k stacks... 
Thanks for you explanation; it has been very clear. Now, I know the
reasons why Anaconda doesn't support XFS by default.

Jordi Espasa Clofent

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