[CentOS] RAID 1 not boot when disconnect a disk

Nicholas Anderson nicholas at fiocruz.br
Fri Nov 24 16:32:02 UTC 2006

Roberto Pereyra wrote:
> Hi
> I have a clean CentOS 4.4 disk and I have setup a RAID 1 with two  IDE
> disk.
> The system RAID 1  boot fine  but when I disconnect a disk (the first
> disk) the system not boot. The screen goes black and not boot anything
> (grub not boot).

Did you set Bios to boot through disk 2?

> Can anybody help me ? What I doing wrong ?? Excuse my english ....
I saw your name (Roberto). Do you speak portuguese ? Se quiser posso
escrever em portugues :-)

Nicholas Anderson
Administrador de Sistemas Unix
LPIC-1 Certified
Rede Fiocruz
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