[CentOS] cluster service

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sat Nov 25 08:03:40 UTC 2006

I've setup the CentOS version of the RH Cluster Service on a pair of 
centos 4.4 i386 test boxes...   wanting to do high availabilty stuff.  
its working, I've added a virtual IP and a fiberchannel hosted e3fs file 
system thhat either can mount, if I manually crash or reboot one, this 
IP and FS mount on the other, awesome.

the servers are connected to the storage via a QLogic SANbox 5600 
fiberswitch, and I've added a SANbox2 'fence device' to the cluster, 
with its IP and login/password...    but I don't understand how to 
configure the SANbox or the fencing agent so that it knows how to map 
these two servers to the zones or zonesets on the SANbox.

right now everything on the SANbox is in the same zone (these two plus a 
few other servers plus the shared storage controller which also has some 
LUNs that are only accessible by a couple Sun servers running Solaris).

what am I missing?    I did see the man page on fabric_sanbox2, but dont 
see how that applies via system-config-cluster ...

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