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Sat Nov 25 22:56:02 UTC 2006

> From: Guillermo Garron
> Hi,
> I have this problem
> my email server's DNS name is
> ns1.mydomain.com, and it is registered in the reverse DNS also with
> that name, when i installed my server at the hostname i entered
> centos-server.mydomain.com
> when i tried to send an email from the root console with
> # mail root
> the email is returned saying that
> root at centos-server.mydomain.com, could not be verified
> i used the command
> # hostname ns1.mydomain.com
> and also edited the file.
> /etc/hosts,
> but i have the same result, the hostname did not change, i even
> restart my server with no luck.
> what am I missing?
> regards,
> Guillermo.
> PS my server is a CentOS 4.4, with postfix
> Guillermo Garron

Mr Guillermo Garron   :-)

You own mydomain.com ???  :-)

How could that ever be a problem?

I find it truly amazing. Can I borrow a bunch of money?

Or, Maybe you should go to your website at www.mydomain.com and call your
experts at 1 (360) 449-5989  ... I am sure they could help you.  :-)


...Many times it actually helps if you would just tell us the un-edited
information so we could really try and help you.

 - rh

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   Computer & Internet Services
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