[CentOS] Centos 4.3 32 bit -CIFS VFS: Send error in Close = -9

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Mon Nov 27 22:22:45 UTC 2006

Shanti kishore Balusu wrote:
> I am facing a problem using cifs filesytem on centos 4.3 32 bit to 
> connect to remote shares.we have DAS(Dell md1000) connected to a Dell 
> 2950(win 2003 std).let me descibe the proc which i followed to access 
> thi DAS via 2950..
> ...
> We server flv files from these shares ie a kind of progressive 
> download server(flv streaming using phpflv player)
> when i start serving files i keep getting the below errors in my dmesg 
> & /var/log/messages.after a few hours of serving server totally 
> hangs(not accessible via ssh) & has to be hard rebooted manully

This was with a MUCH older version of Samba, and a much older version of 
Linux, so take this with a grain or two of salt...   Heck, use the whole 
shaker :)

I've found in the past that SMB connections seem to time out after some 
arbitrary idle time...  Windows -> Windows seems to automatically 
reconnect the session, but Samba client -> Windows server doesn't.    I 
solved this on one system with a cron job that did an arbitrary access 
of the SMB mountpoints every 10 minutes.... I think I just used a "df > 
/dev/null" command to do this as that 'touches' all mounted file systems.

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