[CentOS] startx reboots my computer

Ted Miller ted-miller at att.net
Tue Nov 28 03:01:21 UTC 2006

 > Somehow
> startx2 got renamed or copied to startx (probably fumble fingered me typed
> the trigger key with the gun aimed at my foot).  Since all that is in that
> file is
> startx -- :1
> it was starting itself like crazy, didn't even take a new shell, because it
> is on the path before the "real" startx.
> Now I will reboot into that machine, and see if I did anything else to
> shoot myself in the foot.

So far so good.  I am up in Xwindows on the new install, typing away in 

Thanks for the help.  I'll save my next request for another day.

Ted Miller

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