[CentOS] Confirming Multi-Processor

Maciej Z. maze at cela.pl
Tue Nov 28 08:44:55 UTC 2006

If the /proc/cpuinfo is showing both that should be it.
You can also look at 'top' and press '1' (to list per cpu) to see if both 
CPUs are actually being used for anything, but that's pretty redundant.

On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Jack Murgia wrote:

> I have a test bed server that's pretty old- PIII Dual 550. I've done yum
> update kernel-smp and when I run cat/proc/cpuinfo it lists both processors-
> is there anything I need to to to confirm that it's fully utilizing both
> processors?
> I ask this because under the old OS (Fedora Core 2) I always saw an error
> message at boot that said something about operating in single-processor mode
> because the firmware was pre-2001. I don't see this error in CentOS. The
> last firmware available for this logic board (N440BX) is dated 1999.
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