[CentOS] Large disk support

Kevan Benson kbenson at a-1networks.com
Wed Nov 29 19:33:08 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 28 November 2006 15:04, Kevan Benson wrote:
> Carving with LVM to append portions into a large LV seems to be the
> solution I'm leaning towards, as it seems to be the easiest to implement
> "out of the box" and I expect it will cause the least issues in the long
> run as there's no room in the chassis for more drives (it also has a tape
> drive) and dedicating one or two 500 GB drives to an install array seems
> wasteful.

Archival note for anyone searching this later:

I noticed that 3ware also provides an option to create a "boot" portion of the 
array, with a predefined amount of space assigned to it, and am using that to 
assign 80 GB to /dev/sda with the remaining in /dev/sdb, to be used by LVM.  
Unfortunately I wasn't the one to initially set up the array, or I might have 
noticed this and saved myself a few days of frustration.

I'll go punish myself accordingly now for responding to my own post.

- Kevan Benson
- A-1 Networks

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