[CentOS] Will Centos work with the Intel D865GLC

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Thu Nov 30 05:15:16 UTC 2006

Todd Cary wrote:
> I need to replace my Abit BE7 board (cannot run the newer Linux) and
> keep my near new IDE HD's (250 GB).  A D865GLC is new available that
> uses the Intel 865G chip set, but I have no experience in matching
> Mobo's with Linux.

My experience with Intel motherboards (in general) is that they simply
work with Linux.  D865* is an older series of Intel's motherboards, so I
wouldn't expect any trouble with it.  However, the hardware proved
unstable if used with add-on PCI cards, and my experience with Intel's
support is terrible.

For example, similar motherboard (D865PERL) would not power on if you
stick 3 Intel's Ethernet cards into it, and Intel refused to even
attempt troubleshooting the problem.  All I was told was that the cards
in question were for usage in "servers", and that D865* motherboards
were for usage in "desktops", and that it is unsupported to use
additional Ethernet cards in desktop system (even if they are made by
Intel).  You know, motherboard made by Intel, additional cards made by
Intel, Intel claims it is not their problem if combination doesn't work.

The only conclusion I could make (from what Intel told me) is that PCI
slots in their line of "desktop" motherboards are there only for
cosmetic purposes.  Don't try to put anything into them and expect
things to work.  Not even if the add-on cards were made by Intel.

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