[CentOS] Re: PCI unable to handle 64bit address space for

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Oct 2 21:16:25 UTC 2006

RYAN M. vAN GINNEKEN spake the following on 10/2/2006 1:04 PM:
> Hello all this is my first post to this list so i would like to than you all in advance for your time and consideration.
> I am in the process of building a new server and have purchased some used hardware.  There seems to be some hardware issuses and i am hoping nothing was damaged during shipping.  However i am in contact with intel and we are tring to figure out the exact problem via email.
> So i have insalled centos 4 from the four CD set and have done all the updates through the GUI.  I must say a GUI in Linux land is nice have been working mostly on old FreeBSD boxes none of which have GUI installed. Anyways the above mentioned hardware is this 
> PROMISE FASTRAC SOMETHING OR OTHER has nothing attached to it anyhow.
> I have four Seagate Cheetas 147G 10.6K SCSI harddrive most are firmware version 0006 (been meaning to update this to 00007 before i go to production)
> HERE IS MY PROBLEM =======================================
> When i boot up the machine i get this error off the getgo
> PCI unable to handle 64bit address space for
> ==========================================================
> Everything seems to work fine but i am woundering before i go any further should i be installing the 64bit version of Centos on this machine?  Is there a 64 version of Centos? anyways any help or advice on this matter is greatly apprciated.
> ps if anyone is familiar with this mainboard and hardware setup i would love some insight as to the was the BIOS error event codes that this machine keeps spiting out at me mean.
> Thank you in advance
Could you have a 32 bit PCI card in a 64 bit slot?
It should work, but I would suspect it is the promise card. You could try
moving it about and see what happens.
Also, I think that card has an onboard promise controller. So maybe try
pulling the promise card, since nothing is attached.
You could try any other cards that aren't needed to boot the system, adding
them one at a time until you error again.


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