[CentOS] server disk subsystem benchmarks, bonnie++ and/or others?

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Wed Oct 4 02:50:55 UTC 2006


I've searched to no avail so far... there is bound to be something more
intelligible out there...???

I am playing with bonnie++ for the first time...

May I please get some advise and list experience on using this or other disk
subsystem benchmark programs properly with or without a GUI ?

Test system in this case is a Compaq DL360 with 2 to 4 Gig DRAM and qty (2)
36Gig 10k drives in hardware raid1 (raid1 default 128k) and a smart array
5304 controller with 128 meg dram

The machine screams with this controller... yet I want to compare tests with
it to the standard built in smart array controller etc

Ive read bonnie++ stuff till I cant stand it no more and am just not seeing
the relevance in the end result vectors to something tangible.

Please advise and thanks in advance...

 - rh

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   Computer & Internet Services
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