[CentOS] Calling All FS Fanatics

Steve Bergman sbergman at rueb.com
Wed Oct 4 15:24:57 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 10:14 -0500, Debbie Tropiano wrote:
> Kirk -

> I've not been following ReiserFS for a long time, but the last time I worked
> with it (several years ago) we ran into problems with file corruption.  It
> may be that they have all been fixed, but I'd look into that as well.

Makes one wonder if Linux is reasonably usable with 3ware. ;-)

Does anyone have any bonnie++ results for Linux software RAID 5?  I know
software RAID 5 does not really lend itself to a performant software
implementation, but the results would be interesting to see, none the

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