[CentOS] Linux World Expo - London 25th + 26th Oct 2006

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Wed Oct 4 18:22:19 UTC 2006

Dag Wieers wrote:
 > Anyone having experience with showcasing CentOS at a conference like
> I figure that handing out CD's nowadays would not be very useful. But 
> having some flyers or something with the basic information about CentOS 
> would be nice.

Just last weekend I helped organize the Fedora Project booth at the Ohio
Linux Fest.  A picture during booth setup of what we had can be seen here:


It was a smaller 6' table/booth.  We had a laptop running Core 5 that
served two duties - a demo machine and when not doing that looping
through a Fedora Core 5 "movie" of sorts that highlighted various Fedora
features.  We had DVDs on hand to distribute, which even late in the
Core 5 cycle were pretty popular.  We had handouts highlighting the OS
features as well as a handout that offered some ways people could help
the Fedora Project.  We also had Fedora T-Shirts and stickers available
for a small donation.  And of course we had the big banner up behind us.

Overall our booth saw a good amount of traffic.  The banner hanging out
behind us with the T-shirts displayed just below it served well to let
people see who we were even when there were several people talking to us.

> CentOS flyer:
>  + Short introduction
>  + Website location
>  + Wiki location
>  + Mailinglist location
>  + Overview of the different versions, technologies, advantages and 
>    differences with other distributions.
> Should be professional, straight-forward and objective.

I think a good example of a flyer is to look at Ubuntu's:



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