[CentOS] Linux World Expo - London 25th + 26th Oct 2006

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Oct 4 19:04:35 UTC 2006

Lance Davis wrote:
>> Anyone having experience with showcasing CentOS at a conference like 
>> this.
> Well kb and I were at the show last year - iirc he had a sparc that 
> didnt quite work - and we had an xinit server.

I had an Alpha! that we did install to and was working, we did get some 
attention with it - but apart from the really old or the really geeky 
people, most people didnt understand what the excitement was all about! 
So, maybe I'd save something like that for FOSDEM and keep it just a 
public make-people-aware-of-centos thing at LWE, London.

>> But having some flyers or something with the basic information about 
>> CentOS would be nice.
>> Should be professional, straight-forward and objective.
>> Do we have something like this already ?
> I think we have something that we did last year - will drag it out.
>> Do we have proper artwork for
>> printing ? How are we going to organise ? Another wiki page ? :)
> A flyer is a good idea, as are posters - we have colour laser , and an 
> a0 poster printer, so can do the output.

I think maybe 2 posters should be enough, how many / what size for the 
flyer ?

is someone willing to help design it ?

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