[CentOS] virtual host on latest centos 4.4

Mark Fitzsimmons Mark at xigen.co.uk
Fri Oct 6 10:03:55 UTC 2006


Wow I can't believe it, I spent hours on that! I think the fact that the
default site used the first virtual host was spinning me out.

I've rebooted the server and also added another vhost and all is good.
The second vhost is fine.

FYI my vhost look like this:



  suPHP_UserGroup cremaster users
  ServerAdmin support at xigen.co.uk
  ServerName www.cre.co.uk
  ServerAlias cre.co.uk
  DocumentRoot /secure/c/cre.co.uk
  Alias /logs /webstats/c/cre.co.uk/webalizer

  suPHP_UserGroup cremaster2 users
  ServerAdmin support at xigen.co.uk
  ServerName www.cre2.co.uk
  ServerAlias cre2.co.uk
  DocumentRoot /secure/c/cre2.co.uk
  Alias /logs /webstats/c/cre2.co.uk/webalizer


Thanks all for your Help, I hope I can help someone out later sometime.


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