[CentOS] problems with LVM and upgrade new kernel 2.6.18

Thijs Joosten - Netfeed t.joosten at netfeed.nl
Sat Oct 7 12:24:54 UTC 2006


I have a lot of problems with LVM of CentOS when upgrading to the new kernel

When I have compiled the new kernel and I insert the new rules in the GRUB
configuration and when I restart the server I get the warnings that the
group volume “VolGroup00” not found and then the kernel has a panic
situation (Kernal panic - not syncing: Attempting to kill init!).

This problem I have on several servers, so it is not hardware related but I
think CentOS software related. After a lot of searching on the internet I
have seen many people with this problem but mostly no solution. At
http://www.gatago.com/linux/redhat/20330778.html I read almost the same
story and a solution but the solution does not work for me and I see the
same situation at

I do not know what do to any more, hopefully you can help me with getting
kernel 2.6.18 working.

CentOS systems: 4.3 en 4.4
Kernel: 2.6.18
Kernelconfig: http://www.netfeed.nl/software/kernels/2.6.18/kernelconfig

Many thanks in advance!

Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards,
Thijs Joosten

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