[CentOS] Yum, duplicate packages, 4.3->4.4 upgrade.

Bart Schaefer barton.schaefer at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 15:17:17 UTC 2006

On 10/10/06, itayf at nospammail.net <itayf at nospammail.net> wrote:
> 'yum deplist' on the list of installed packages revealed many
> cases in which both x86_64 and i[356]86 packages provide the same
> dependency.

This information is probably not all that useful.  Obviously the
packages will provide the same dependency; that's (in part) why the
packages have the same name aside from the architecture.  In this

>   dependency: /sbin/ldconfig
>    provider: glibc.i686 2.3.4-2.25      <<==============
>    provider: glibc.x86_64 2.3.4-2.25    <<==============

If a 32-bit program were to try to link with the 64-bit glibc (or
vice-versa), all sorts of problems would result.  To remove
glibc.i686, you'd have to be sure that there were NO other 32-bit
packages on your system.

I think what you're really looking for is the set of packages that
appear in your previous rpm listing as duplicates, but that DO NOT
appear in the deplist output at all.  The packages that DO appear in
the deplist are presumably those that you need to keep.

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