[CentOS] mbox corruption

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Wed Oct 11 02:50:07 UTC 2006

John Hinton wrote:
> Running CentOS 4.4, Sendmail...
> I've been experiencing some mbox corruption this week. Mail clients 
> can't pick up mail and SquirrelMail gives an error.. of which the logs 
> state "File isn't in mbox format".
> Is anybody else experiencing this? Any ideas about a correction? Cause?

That is precisely the reason why DJB came up with the Maildir format and 
why just about every other (all other?) MTA's native LDA that runs on an 
Unix OS are Maildir format capable. Even procmail is maildir capable.

Correction? There are tools but am I afraid I am not familiar with them 
at all. I think there is one that is part of the procmail toolchain...or 
something that can be used for this purpose anyway.


Cause? Anywhere from power outage to flaky hardware to filesystem 
corruption. If anything significant happened before this like a crash, 
kernel upgrade or hardware starting to think about throwing in the towel 
could very well be the reason.

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