[CentOS] Training Material: Books about linux but targeting Centos installations

Erick Perez eaperezh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 21:41:22 UTC 2006

I am about to give a training session in Linux, using Centos 4.4 as a base.
I want to give my students (MS windows administrators) printed books about
Linux and hopefully Centos based. It is a total of 20 books. I'm also
interested in purchasing 20 copies of the DVD of Centos 4.4 x86/x86_64

My initial search at amazon returned no useful results.

It can be RHEL 4, Centos 4 or fedora 4 based but I really want them to be
Centos if possible, given the fact that I often scracth RHEL intallations in
favor of Centos (i know is the same base, but I would like to match the book
with the distro).
The books have to be focused to Linux administration and installation (like
web,ssh.mail.etc). There is no need to cover in-depth programming

Can anyone in the Centos community have some references of these books/DVDs
for purchase?


Erick Perez
Panama Sistemas
Integradores de Telefonia IP y Soluciones Para Centros de Datos
Panama, Republica de Panama
Cel Panama. +(507) 6694-4780
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