[CentOS] Write performance with 3ware 9550

chrism at imntv.com chrism at imntv.com
Fri Oct 13 03:55:07 UTC 2006

Kirk Bocek wrote:
> chrism at imntv.com wrote:
>> To what end?  I'd absolutely NEVER use it in production that way.  
>> That's *plenty* fast for me.
> On the current system I built, the best I could get from ext3 on a 
> 4-drive raid-5 array was 95MB/Sec writes. With XFS I'm getting 
> 220MB/Sec+. For a media server, I want the extra speed.

Well, you saw my results.  I'm happy with the speed and this is a server 
for fondling uncompressed video.  So while I want to maximize the speed, 
I'm not going to take "unnecessarily foolish" risks with a filesystem 
that (at least to me) doesn't seem like it's quite reliable enough. 

Seems like the answer to your problem is just to buy 4 more disks.  :)


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