[CentOS] yum repository and createrepo

Akemi Yagi ayagi at scripps.edu
Wed Oct 18 17:47:18 UTC 2006

*Ken Leyba wrote:*

>I've setup a local yum repository for about 25 workstations and I'm
>using rsync from a local mirror.  Do I need to create my own XML
>headers, i.e. the 'repodata' directory, or since I'm syncing the whole
>updates directory can I use the 'repodata' directory from the mirror?

Yes, that should be fine if you rsync the whole thing.

>I also have a question on using createrepo.  The directory layout is:
>If I do the following in the 'updates' directory:
># createrepo -v ./RPMS
>The 'repodata' diretcory is created under the 'RPMS' directory and not
>the current 'updates' directory.  How can I have the 'repodata'
>directory created/updated in the correct directory under 'updates'?

You need to run |createrepo| against the directory under which you want 
the |repodata| directory to appear.  In your case run:

createrepo ~/updates

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