[CentOS] Mail forwarding on a dynamic IP address.

Lance Davis lance at uklinux.net
Thu Oct 19 13:52:11 UTC 2006

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, Rajeev R Veedu wrote:

> I have a Cyrus installation with postfix and openXchange. I get the mails
> from catchall account with procmail and distribute with the mail server. Now
> I have a new site office where couples of staff members are going to be
> relocated.
> Since we have only an ADSL line on site office if there any way I could
> forward the mails for these staff members to another Mail Server with
> dynamic IP address?

The problem using things like dyndns and forwarding to a dynamic ip is 
that there is a possibility that when your ip has changed mail would be 
attempted to be delivered to the next user that gets your previous ip.

Even with v. low dns timeouts there is still that risk.

Better to get a static ip, or failing that use a pull system 
like fetchmail.


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