[CentOS] Switch to Nvidia from ATI

BRUCE STANLEY bruce.stanley at prodigy.net
Thu Oct 19 19:03:26 UTC 2006

Jay Leafey <jay.leafey at mindless.com> wrote: BRUCE STANLEY wrote:
> I am having some issues (e.g. System lock ups) with my
> ATI 9250 Video card.
> I am thinging about replacing it with either a Nvidia
> FX5200, FX5500, or a FX5600 card.
> Is anyone using one of these cards on Centos 4.1 with
> the stock (XORG) nv driver?

I'm currently using an nVidia FX 5600 card on my workstation running CentOS 4.4.  I used the XORG nv driver for a while with good, 
stable results, but switched to the nVidia-provided driver for better 3D performance.  Gotta be able to play Quake 4, don't you know!

For anything that does not require 3D, tho, the nv driver seems to work just fine.


Hi Jay!

I am probably going to pick up a NVIDIA card this week end.
What is the best way to install the new card and XORG driver?
Using a command line utility (maybe at init 3 level?),

Should I:

      1). Put the new card in, boot up, and then try to install the XORG 
           driver for the NVIDIA.


      2). With the ATI card still in, change the driver to the NVIDIA one,
           shut down, and then reboot.

       3).  some other approach.

I have not tried changing drivers after Centos has already bee installed
on a system.  I not even sure what command line utility to use.
I use to know it for the XFREE86 drives (RHEL 3).

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