[CentOS] is everyone aware of this?

Yiorgos Stamoulis yiorgos-lists at 272deg.homelinux.net
Thu Oct 19 19:33:16 UTC 2006

> I am having some issues (e.g. System lock ups) with my
> ATI 9250 Video card.
> I am thinging about replacing it with either a Nvidia
> FX5200, FX5500, or a FX5600 card.
> Is anyone using one of these cards on Centos 4.1 with
> the stock (XORG) nv driver?
I have been using the nvidia driver although I do not need the 3D 
acceleration, just because it was available.
However, a few of days ago I came across this:


what does this list think about this matter?

I have now reverted to the standard xorg nv driver

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