[CentOS] OT: Problems with Pound Signs and Apache

Paul Heinlein heinlein at madboa.com
Fri Oct 20 14:39:16 UTC 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Andy Wright wrote:

> I have 2 Centos 4 servers running the Horde system, apparently 
> identical in configuration, but they are behaving differently...
> On one, when emails containing a Pound Sign () are displayed it 
> shows as £ (not sure if this will come through right, but it's a 
> capital A with a 'hat' accent over it followed by the pound sign).
> On the other, the Pound sign displays correctly.
> I have copied the httpd.conf files over between servers and this has 
> no effect. Looking at the page source both are en-gb and UTF8. It 
> looks like the problem is not with Apache as the config files are 
> identical.
> Both servers are running the same version of Apache, and for that 
> matter the same version of everything else, and all updates are 
> applied.
> Would anyone have any ideas where to start looking to track down 
> this discrepancy?

If you have the (oddly named) perl-libwww-perl package installed, use 
/usr/bin/HEAD to compare the HTTP Content-Type headers:

  HEAD $url_1 | grep ^Content-Type
  HEAD $url_2 | grep ^Content-Type

As others have indicated, you'll probably notice that the charset 
value differs.

I think what I'd do is to start at top of your URL tree (typically 
"/") on each server and work my way down to the e-mail in question, 
comparing charsets at each stop down the tree. If they start the same 
and diverge somewhere down the line, then that's the Directory or 
Location to examine.

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