[CentOS] error messages when rebuilding centosplus kernel

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Mon Oct 23 18:42:06 UTC 2006

I'm rebuilding the centosplus kernel with ISA P&P and ISA some devies  
enabled.  At the very end of compilation, I got a lot of error  
messages that looked like:

Error: ./init/initramfs.o .text refers to 0000046e R_386_PC32         
Error: ./init/initramfs.o .text refers to 0000059c R_386_PC32         
Error: ./init/initramfs.o .text refers to 000007a8 R_386_PC32         

Hmmm...  Are these normal, or is there something wrong with the kernel build?

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