[CentOS] RHWAS rebuild efforts

Bisbal, Prentice PBisbal at LexPharma.com
Tue Oct 24 17:41:23 UTC 2006

You don't need a Red Hat subscription to get any SRPMs from RHEL. The GPL requires that they provide them for free. I believe that applies even th RHWAS, since that's still based on GPL'ed Linux code. 

You can get RHEL RPMs here 



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jim bartus wrote:
> Nothin?  I can throw a fair amount of money at this.  We're looking 
> for someone to commit to a turnaround window on the niche redhat 
> package groups (cluster suite and appserver for now) but deliver them 
> to the centos group/repositories, not to us.  We're also looking for 
> someone to contract out the creation and maintenance of rpm's for our internal repo.

Jim, I don't know if this discussion has been taken off-list, but why don't you just get this service (more specifically the Application Stack) from Redhat?  As I understand it, all CentOS wants is someone with a RedHat subscription to provide to them the SRPMS which have a distributable license.  The RedHat subscription for the application stack looks to be
$1999 for one year -


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