[CentOS] RHWAS rebuild efforts

Bisbal, Prentice PBisbal at LexPharma.com
Tue Oct 24 18:14:53 UTC 2006

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Bisbal, Prentice wrote:
> You don't need a Red Hat subscription to get any SRPMs from RHEL. The GPL
> requires that they provide them for free.

Read the GPL again.  I requires them to provide them at a reasonable cost
to people they distribute the binaries to.

> I believe that applies even th
> RHWAS, since that's still based on GPL'ed Linux code.

Please read the beginning of the thread.


William Hooper


You're right - I didn't catch this thread from the beginning. Sorry. I haven't read the GPL recently. I  thought they had to provide the source code to ANYONE, not just paying customers who bought the binaries. Of course, even in that case, you can be charged for the costs of transferring that source code, and I guess RH can charge whatever they want, like the price of a RHWAS subscription. :( 


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