[CentOS] Help request...recovering LVM on centos 4.2

Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 22:21:26 UTC 2006

I installed a Centos 4.x system using a lvm install across four HDDs.
It is my first install using LVM. System had a power-failure and
stopped booting up. A new trainee simply took out the HDDs and
restarted the file-server on a fresh HDDs.

Now the problemis that the four HDDs have data. But the order of the
HDDs (of install....1st primary, 2nd primary etc.) is unknown. Earlier
we used to boot with knoppix live cd and recover data through rsync.
Knoppix is not automatically recognizing lvm partitions.

My query is to ask for step by step instructions on finding & mounting
my lvm partitions correctly using knoppix or installing earlier hdds
one by one in the new file-server & restoring data to users. Pointers
on any howtos or detailed examples of recovery would also be

With best regards.

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