[CentOS] which http proxy to choose

Leonardo Vilela Pinheiro leopinheiro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 17:37:56 UTC 2006

>  Which http proxy to choose nowadays?


>  Squid? But as far as I understand it is single process which sounds not
> too effective for current dual cpu dual core servers.
>  Apache? Something else?

You could span multiple instances of Squid on different ports. Don´t
forget to make different processes use differente pid files, otherwise
they will quit with this error: "Squid is already running". Keep in
mind that Squid needs quick access to its cache (hard drive). I don´t
know if several Squid processes are able to share the same cache -
take a look and tell us.

Or you could use several virtual servers with virtualization (Xen,
VMware, etc). Again, this might not be the most optimized scheme for
hard drive access. I would *try* this option, if Xen is an option and
the CPU is able to do full virtualization.

Both options might use round robin through iptables to balance the load.

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