[CentOS] The elephant in the room: Oracle

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Thu Oct 26 04:07:29 UTC 2006

> So what does everyone else think of Oracle's announcement? 
> http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/10/25/2316221
> I kind of think that they are going to be hurting RedHat (a valuable
> partner if you believe their deployment numbers).
> Oh silly, silly Larry. I guess the only hope that we have is that it
> actually increases mind share of RHEL and hence broader support for
> it (and subsequently CentOS).
> Tarun

Historically speaking, if the tremendous spread and growth of Christianity
under persecution is any indication of what lies ahead, then Redhat and
Linux in general should continue to flourish abundantly...

Purchase.... that he might do... once he slams the stock price to the
virtual pittance it was a few times over the last several years.

I just cannot imagine he would buy and kill off one of the greatest mediums
for the potential housing, need, running, and distribution of his products
as RHEL.

 - rh

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