[CentOS] Experiences with CentOS & MacBook Pro?

Shawn K. O'Shea shawn at ll.mit.edu
Thu Oct 26 16:19:56 UTC 2006

> 4) No solution here - It is true it requires a little bit of mind 
> games here to find the right window, first click the app, then cycle 
> through the windows using the keyboard or explode them via Expose. I 
> use NX to connect to my Linux Desktop and I have to get re-accustomed 
> to the task-bar myself each time, while it is more direct to your app, 
> it is not workable when you have 10 apps open with several window in 
> each where you are back hunting for your window.
If you're using a USB mouse with 2 (or more) buttons (or Apple's mighty 
mouse which can recognize right-click), you can right-click on any open 
application in the Dock and get a list of open windows in that app (much 
the same as you do in Windows when it collapses multiple windows of the 
same app into one taskbar icon).


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