[CentOS] Dual Opteron or Dual Xeon?

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Fri Oct 27 04:15:37 UTC 2006

Mike Kercher wrote:
> I am about to lease another server to be a backup web/mail server with a
> replicated mysql database.  The current live server is a dual Xeon
> 2.8Ghz.  Would I do better to get another Xeon server or an Opteron
> based server?  My concerns are compatibility of the database and the SSL
> certificate currently running on the Xeon machine.  Are these concerns
> unfounded?

You will do better to get an Opteron based server. Opterons handle SSL 
faster, in fact much faster, than Intel Xeon processors not to mention 
that I/O on an Opteron box is better too. Stay away from Woodcrest Xeon 
servers. The US Government and a large korean ISP have had stability 
problems with Woodcrest servers.

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