[CentOS] spam control (by the way)

Bill Church Bill.Church at bsius.com
Mon Oct 30 14:05:09 UTC 2006

Mark Weaver wrote:
> Gavin Carr wrote:
> > There are also a bunch of CPAN perl modules that can be used for this
> > e.g. Geo::IP, Geo::IP2Location, Geo::IPfree, etc.
> Hi Garvin,
> Those are pretty cool... thanks for the heads up I was unaware of them, 
> but they appear to be specifically for gathering geographical data which 
> web master would use and have nothing to do with geo-blocking of spam.

The idea is, the lookup is fairly well debugged and automated through those models, just need some glue to built iptables rules for, especially Geo::IPfree. I would imagine you could do something like this to block all IPs that aren't US or something to that effect:
use Geo::IPfree;
my $new_ip = $ARGV[0] ;
print "$new_ip\r\n" ;
my ($country,$country_name,$ip) = Geo::IPfree::LookUp($new_ip) ;
print "$country_name\r\n" ;
if ($country eq "US") {
        print "US IP!\r\n" ;
} else {
        print "Not US IP!\r\n" ;
You can just run something like "getcountry.pl" (Kaspersky Labs, Russia) which should tell you that it's not a US IP. You could add this as another layer or use it for additional scoring. Obviously you would want to check the variables and all that good security stuff, this is a just a proof of concept.

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