[CentOS] Dual Opteron or Dual Xeon?

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Mon Oct 30 14:16:09 UTC 2006

> Ah, yes, the Inquirer.  Is there enough salt in the world?


>> The Korean portal one can be found below but it is entirely in korean.
>> http://www.inews24.com/php/news_view.php?g_menu=020200&g_serial=225735
>> Something about overheating and FB-DIMM problems which was only 
>> encountered after the thing went live.
> Hrm.  Sounds like an implementation problem.

Well...what other chipset provider is there for the Woodcrest? Unless 
you want to point the extra power needed for FB-DIMM solutions and thus 
extra cooling I suppose...

>> How close to live are your benchmarks?
> This is what I've got so far <http://www.duke.edu/~jlb17/optxeon.pdf>. 
> Yes, the Xeons have a slight clockspeed advantage, but not near enough 
> to account for the performance increase.  The thermal simulation results 
> surprised me -- I really expected the Opterons to fare better there, 
> given how memory intensive they are.  Only the heart phantom sim showed 
> better performance on Opteron due to the onboard memory controller.

The Korean portal also got very good performance figures (better than 
their Opteron boxes) from the Woodcrest boxes. It was big news for IT in 
Korea because the portal was exclusively using AMD Opteron.

If you do not get any problems at all with your Supermicro board and 
Woodcrest then by all means :)

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