[CentOS] Installing on Hardware RAID - Adaptec 7890/7860

Matt Arnilo S. Baluyos (Mailing Lists) matt.baluyos.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 23:50:39 UTC 2006

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to install the CentOS 4.4 Server CD on old hardware. The
hardware is a Dell PowerEdge 2300 with Adaptec 7890 and 7860
controllers. It's the first time I've done a Linux install with
hardware RAID.

However, I'm having trouble getting CentOS (as well as Fedora Core 6)
to detect the SCSI hard drives. When it comes to the part where you
choose where to install Linux, it just doesn't detect the hard drives.

It shows on the hardware configuration when the system boots up and
when I try to install Windows 2003 Server, the drives are detected -
so I don't think it's a hardware issue.

Now, the question is - do I have to initialize something on the
installation process? What do I do so that I can install CentOS with
this  specific configuration.

Best regards,

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