[CentOS] The elephant in the room: Oracle

centos at 911networks.com centos at 911networks.com
Tue Oct 31 00:48:46 UTC 2006

I would not worry too much about Oracle. I don't think that they
will that successful with repackaging and selling the support for

Pervasive tried the same thing with PostgreSql. Everybody could
download it, but people would to pay for support.

After a year, they quit and stopped providing support for PostgreSql.
The official reason they gave: there is too much community support.
In plain English, people did not buy their support because the
PostgreSql  community was too good and too responsive.

In the RH community, there are the own that are willing to pay for
RedHat, these will still pay for it. The others are here!

Johnny, and all the others will embarrass Oracle. With the
updates coming within hours, the mailing list, the extended

With the regular publication that Oracle can't keep up with CentOS,
oracle won't stay too long in that business.

BTW, thanks for the great job that you are doing.

The SQL knowledge base

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