[CentOS] Spamassassin/Sendmail issues

Ivan Arteaga iarteaga at cwpanama.net
Tue Oct 31 02:13:00 UTC 2006

> Tom Elsesser wrote:
>> I am running a server with Centos 4.4, using a combo of 
>> sendmail-clamav-spamassassin for mail, which has been working quite 
>> well up until last night. Around 3:00am, all mail going to all users 
>> was being rejected by spamassassin. My ~/mail/.procmailrc is as follows:
>> Oct 30 07:09:02 linux sendmail[20671]: k9UC8xCK020669: 
>> to=<tom at acalprecision.com>, delay=00:00:03, xdelay=00:00:02, 
>> mailer=local, pri=89726, dsn=5.1.1, stat=User unknown
>> Oct 30 07:09:02 linux sendmail[20671]: k9UC8xCK020669: k9UC92CK020671: 
>> DSN: User unknown
>> Oct 30 07:09:02 linux spamd[348]: prefork: child states: II 
> The key here is contained in the last three lines of the maillog. I've 
> recently seen this behavior on one of the servers I maintain and it 
> happened just after upgrading a CentOS 4.3 server to 4.4. The problem is 
> the Sendmail update.
> You have two choices:
> 1. Remove the current version of Sendmail and install the Sendmail 
> packages that come with CentOS 4.3
> 2. Remove Sendmail altogether and install Postfix.
> Clearly choice number one is easier and much less painful since you 
> won't have to switch out your configuration files for SA, ClamAV or 
> Sendmail.
> There was a thread on this too. Someone ran newaliases and it fixed the 
> problem for him.
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Agree, it sounds more like an aliases issue.

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