[CentOS] CentOS 4.4 ia64?

Thu Oct 12 18:43:56 UTC 2006
David Mackintosh <David.Mackintosh at xdroop.com>

Greetings list,
I had a quick spin through the archives and don't see any discussion on this
Is there a reason why the ia64 download directories for v4.4 are populated
with links to 4.3?  (And why the torrent files for v4.3 ia64 don't work?)
Now, instead of the symptom, I'll describe my actual problem.
Has anyone successfully installed CentOS (any flavor, although I prefer ia64
and stock)  on a Sun Microsystems X2200 server?  The 4.2 ia64 installer I
have detects neither the SATA controller nor the updated network controller.
Thank you for your time!
David.Mackintosh at xdroop.com