[CentOS] Calling All FS Fanatics

Tue Oct 3 07:08:26 UTC 2006
Morten Torstensen <morten at mortent.org>

Feizhou wrote:
> XFS is good until you lose power while the disk subsystem is under load. 
> This was when XFS was in its best form too (around 2.4.18 - 2.4.22). Not 
> many people use JFS but it does actually seem to have the best environment.

JFS shares codebase with JFS2 in AIX and sees a lot of development and 
maintenance there. Filesystems can be tricky from a support POV, especially on 
large production systems. The upstream provider is pretty picky about 
filesystems, even if you go for one of the 3rd party supported ones like JFS and 
OCFS and you have reasons for choosing them.

There are more to filesystems than speed.


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