[CentOS] Calling All FS Fanatics

Tue Oct 3 16:25:52 UTC 2006
chrism at imntv.com <chrism at imntv.com>

Kirk Bocek wrote:
> Feizhou wrote:
>> The thing is, I do not see a lot of stuff going on with JFS on LKML.
>> reiser v3 bugs pop up now and then, XFS had spats going on and ext3 is
>> rather lack luster and still gets reports now and then. Upstream going
>> with ext3 is rather expected since Redhat is the backer of ext3 just as
>> Suse is behind reiser v3.
> Okay, so Feizhou is of the glass-is-half-empty school of filesystems. :)
> Joshua says he has been using XFS for years. Can anyone else share
> anecdotes regarding XFS? Anyone else happy with it?

Is your process even disk throughput bound?  If not, you may be 
agonizing over a decision that needn't even be taken if the "tried and 
true" and default supported file system (ext3) is "fast enough" to avoid 
becoming a bottleneck.

That's where I find myself so I've taken the easy way out, for now, and 
have stuck with the standard file system.