[CentOS] Calling All FS Fanatics

Tue Oct 3 22:47:49 UTC 2006
Steve Bergman <sbergman at rueb.com>

On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 15:33 -0700, Kirk Bocek wrote:

> It's been awhile since I had to sit through one of those boot time
> fsck's, but now that you guys remind me of them I remember why I'm using
> ext3.

By default, you still have to with ext3.  Just not as often. Every 21
mounts or whatever, or 180 days or whatever.

A wise default, I will agree.  I just wish it came with a message that
said "DON'T PANIC!" in nice friendly letters, so that my clients didn't
*freak* when they saw all the warning nessages.  I also wish that it
would default to doing its *damnedest* to fix the problems rather than
dumping them at a cold and lonely # prompt and leaving them with a
"broken" system.

If I want it to be conservative about fixing stuff, by God, I can tell
it to dump me at a command prompt.