No answers? Re: [CentOS] autoprobe for nVidia 6200 broken

Tue Oct 10 01:59:21 UTC 2006
Ted Miller <tmiller at>

> I have the same problem on the install disks and on the Live CD: The
> computer locks as soon as the Xserver starts.  I end up with a blank screen
> (color varies) with a moving mouse cursor.  Nothing else.  Nothing appears
> on the screen.  Keyboard and mouse are inoperative.  Even Alt-SysRq-R
> doesn't work.  Only way out is the reset button (or maybe SSH, but I don't
> have another machine handy to try that from).
> I am expecting you to blame in on "upstream", but you can't blame the
> LiveCD on upstream.
> With the LiveCD, I can boot OK by using the VESA driver.  The root of the
> problem seems to lie in the open-source "nv" video driver and my card.  The
> proprietary "nvidia" driver works fine (once it is installed).
> With the install disks, I am stuck with a text install (and thus locked out
> of some of the LVM options I need).  I have not found a way to override the
> autoprobed video driver except to use "noprobe", and I have no idea what
> drivers I need to install to do the install correctly.
> Wish list for fixes:
> 1. Fix (or update) "nv" driver so it works right with all 6200 cards.
> 2. Fix the autoprobe so it uses the "vesa" driver for my card (Gigabyte
> GV-NX62158D<P>).
> 3. Create option "xdriver=" on install disks, like there is on video disks.
> 4. Create option "noprobe-video" and let me tell install disk to use VESA
> driver.
> If I can supply any more information to help diagnosis of this mis-probe, I
> will gladly poke my system if you give me detailed instructions as to what
> commands to execute.  Doing it from the LiveCD-4.4 is probably best and
> most repeatable.
> Ted Miller
> Elkhart, IN, USA

Since no one has any feedback, I assume the next step is to file a bug report?

Ted Miller